Infrared Mainstream Analyzer

The Advantages are all yours!
If you are considering adding gas monitoring to your system then there are many important considerations you should take into account. Some are of obvious importance while others are subtle yet critical for your ultimate satisfaction and your choice. When it comes to IRMA™ mainstream probes, the advantages are all yours:

Patient status in any critical environment

Whatever technology you decide to buy it will have to last for the foreseeable future. What you need is a solution with the flexibility to measure in different clinical applications and trouble-free operation. IRMA™ mainstream probes can measure O2, CO2, N2O, anaesthetic agents (HAL, ENF, ISO, SEV, DES), provide agent identification and are available in customized configurations.

A complete monitor in a probe

The entire IRMA™ mainstream probe is as small as an oximeter sensor. It is designed using the latest advances in component and microprocessor technology to provide a complete mainstream monitoring system with unique versatility and design. The IRMA™ sensor head measures infra-red light absorption at ten different wavelengths in order to precisely determine gas concentrations in the mixture. An ultra-fast response time galvanic oxygen sensor integrated into the sensor head allows the measurement of inspired/expired oxygen even for very small children. A selection of disposable airway adapters is available for all your clinical applications.The IRMA™ sensor head comprises all the necessary components required for advanced signal processing and a comprehensive digital RS232 interface. All sensors are universally calibrated and deliver processed data for display on the screen of your monitor, ventilator or anaesthesia equipment. This enables full system integration flexibility without any host device hardware modifications.

Maintenance free

The IRMA™ mainstream probe is designed to overcome the shortfalls of sidestream technologies; namely, liquid and secretion handling, calibration, service costs, etc. The IRMA™ probe is factorycalibrated and requires no assembly or calibration. It eliminates all problems concerning handling calibration gas and complex calibration procedures both for you and your customers.

A complete monitor in the palm of your hands!

We are talking a complete gas solution weighing less than 30g! Free yourself from the limitations of current solutions. Add mobility, convenience, ease of distribution, ease of service, etc. Imagine distributing a complete gas solution to your customers by mail or courier service, at only a fraction of the costs normally associated with standard monitors.