Thursday, 19. October 2017

HEYER Medical AG...

...Our Vision for 2020

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

And this is something that paved the way for us. Bad Ems is naturally gifted with mineral-rich spring water. This was the place where many tsars, emperors, ministers and writers thronged to, to be cured of their respiratory ailments by the vapours from the springs. This is when, in 1883, Carl Heyer recognised the potential of inhalation technology. He started his own workshop to develop devices which would allow people to inhale the healing vapours without the need to visit these thermal springs. Thus, HEYER Medical was born.

Since the past 130 years, we are constantly striving to find novel solutions to important problems on a global level. With over a decade’s experience in the Indian market, we have realised that customers have become very comfortable with the current products available in the market, while compromising on newer, innovative technologies. In the coming years, we plan on developing strategic marketing plans like continued medical education (CME), demonstrations, trials, advertising in top publications, State level medical meets etc. Our aim is to make HEYER a well-known brand in a couple of years and a go-to company for medical equipment requirements.

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