How history was made...

It is no coincidence that HEYER’s headquarters are in Bad Ems. Here, at this world-famous health resort, the healing powers of mineral-rich water vapour for all kinds of respiratory tract diseases have been well-known for hundreds of years. Tsars, emperors, ministers and writers once came here to convalesce at the thermal springs. And it was here too that inhalation technology began its rise to international acceptance - a development in which HEYER played a significant role.

In 1883, mechanical engineer Carl Heyer began to develop devices enabling healing vapours to be inhaled without the need to visit thermal springs. Over the years his devices became increasingly compact and, thanks to industrial production, increasingly affordable, so that soon they could be shipped to doctors and clinics all over the world. Similarly, atomization of medication was developed, enabling targeted local treatment of respiratory tract diseases to be administered and further boosting the spread of inhalation technology.

At HEYER, the experience we have gained in inhalation technology has enabled us to build up a further sector: anaesthesia technology. HEYER equipment enables doctors to administer anaesthetic gas to patients in precisely monitored amounts.

Today HEYER is an international company. The experience we have collected throughout our long corporate history is the ideal foundation for our development of market-oriented products which put innovations into practice.

HEYER inhalation room at Bad Ems around 1920, with the first pneumatically operated inhalation appliance.Large inhalation room around 1960, equipped with the renowned HEYER FT51 inhalation stations.Controls for operation of a pneumatic inhalation appliance around 1960.Inhalation room with appliance for high-pressure or vacuum inhalation around 1930.HEYER room nebulization appliance around 1920 – ideal for mother-and-child or group inhalation therapy.First pneumatic HEYER inhalation appliance in Bad Ems around 1910.HEYER room nebulization appliance around 1920 – ideal for mother-and-child or group inhalation therapy.Novel appliance for high-pressure or vacuum inhalation therapy for one individual around 1930.Royal family at the health resort Bad Ems.Cover page of a publication commemorating the HEYER centennial anniversary.Coat of arms of the HEYER family, founders of HEYER Medical AG.HEYER inhalation room in Römerstrasse, Bad Ems, around 1900.List of HEYER appliances around 1910, which were awarded in Baden-Baden and in Teplitz.HEYER room nebulization appliance around 1950 – ideal for mother-and-child or group inhalation therapy.Development of the first ultrasonic nebulizer with high density spray for inhalation therapy around 1955.First inhalation appliance for home use – HEYER Piccolo – on the market 1954.Elaborate inhalation appliance used in Bad Ems around 1860, prior to Carl Heyer's innovative mechanization of the method.