The economical understanding of modern anesthesia

HEYER Medical’s new anesthesia system Pasithec fully featured and simple to use.

The modular construction concept fulfills all individual situations in OR's.

It offers:

  • Comprehensive ventilation modes
  • Minimal tidal volume of 20 ml makes it fit for pediatric use
  • Heated patient module to avoid moisture buildup
  • Display of Loops

The new Pasithec is a cost-effective, flexible anesthesia workstation for performing and monitoring inhalation anesthesia. Low-flow techniques minimize gas and anesthetic agent consumption for economical day-to-day operation.

HEYER Pasithec naturally complies with the highest standards in ergonomic design, safety and easy operation and reliable respiratory settings.

The Pasithec is also available in a version with 4 PIN Index connectors to adapt 4 supply cylinders (2x O2 and 2x N2O) and is equipped with 4 gauges to indicate the pressure of the cylinders.

Download brochure [Pasithec]

Download brochure [Pasithec II]